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NailClear Nail Revitalizing Liquid

New NailClear Nail Revitalizing Liquid

NailClear Nail Revitalizing Liquid whitens, brightens, clarifies and conditions discolored nails made unsightly by nail fungus and frequent manicures.

NailClear is a unique, deep cleansing, nail revitalizing formula specifically designed to improve the overall appearance of nails.

NailClear contains a special ingredient that effectively removes microbes that can infect healthy nails.

Use to:
       Reduce unsightly nail discolorations.
      Clean and revitalize nails.
      Make nails look and feel normal.
      Protect nails.

conditioning ingredients, aloe vera and keratin, help smooth
        roughness, leaving nails looking and feeling healthy and natural.
      Works fast.
      Easy to apply, just brush it on. (Convenient applicator brush is included).
       Improves appearance of nails discolored by tobacco stains. 
    •   Works wonders for nails yellowed or discolored by frequent manicuring or nail fungus

       For external use only.
      Keep out of reach of children.
      Stop use if sensitivity occurs.
      If swallowed, get medical help immediately

Bottle Contains 1 fluid ounce (30 ml) of Nail Revitalizing Liquid

Product Number:  70101
Price: $10.69 / /Bottle
Sale Price: $7.95 / /Bottle

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