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I.T.B. Strap

Our extremely effective I.T.B. Strap will apply compression at the area of discomfort to help relieve Iliotibial Band Syndrome. The strap uses compression to help prevent the snapping or friction of the Iliotibial Band over the bony prominence just above and outside of the knee joint or further up the leg at the hip joint allowing the healing process to begin. This I.T.B. Strap is recognized as one of the most effective treatments for Iliotibial Band Syndrome. As such, while it may alleviate the symptoms of Iliotibial Band Syndrome, the cause of the affliction may still be present. Ideally, the user should wear the strap nearest the area of most discomfort. However, it can be worn approximately 2" - 3" in either direction with beneficial results. If you are not sure of the extent of your problem, then see your doctor.

Warning: Wear tight enough to attain relief but not impede circulation and normal leg movement. Do not wear to bed.

Note: If you are between sizes, the manufacturer suggests you order the smaller size.

To determine your size: Measure circumference at the site of your most discomfort. (Universal right and left.):

Product Number:  1406
Price: $26.50 / each
Sale Price: $20.70 / each

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