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Dr. Jills Heel Pads (Foam and Adhesive Backed)

Our medical grade foam, pre-cut heel pads are very comfortable and durable. These foam pads provide shock absorption to the heel, making each step you take less painful.

Doctors use these pads in their offices to treat heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, short leg syndrome, and Achilles tendonitis. They will also protect tender and painful calluses, bony prominences, and tender skin. Reduces friction and skin irritations.

These pads are 1/4" thick, and are adhesive backed to make for easy application.

Can be used for either right or left foot. Available in 2 different levels of firmness:

Soft Latex Foam 1/4" Pads offer shock absorption with maximum compression for a great cushioning effect (Color is white).

Firmer Latex Foam 1/4" Pads offer shock absorption with limited compression (Color is flesh color).

Product Number:  422
Price: $2.00 / each pad
Sale Price: $1.50 / each pad

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