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Tripod Labs Hydrostat

Tripod Labs Hydrostat is a rich, hydrating lotion for treating dry, cracked feet, heels and ankles (also effective for knees, elbows, hands and body). Excellent for cracked heels, this cream moisturizes sensitive skin and softens calluses while reducing swelling and soothing skin inflammation. Hydrostat is a non-greasy, lightly scented cream containing herbal ingredients such as aloe, collagen and vitamin E that will leave your dry skin feeling smooth and luxurious. For best results, apply the cream to skin twice daily. For maximum penetration and hydration, apply the cream at bedtime and wrap skin in a thin plastic covered by a sock or glove. This will allow the moisturizer to deeply penetrate the dry skin while you sleep. In the morning, you'll be amazed at the difference.

Product Number:  30106
Price: $19.00 / each

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