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Thermoskin Thermal Foot Gauntlet 8*232

Ideal for Diabetes, Arthritis & Raynaud's Disease

The Thermoskin Thermal Foot Gauntlet is designed to relieve the pain associated with diabetes, arthritis and Raynaudís Disease. The Thermal Foot Gauntlet has been clinically proven to increase both the surface and subcutaneous skin temperature 2 to 3? F for the optimal level of heat therapy. The exclusive patented Trioxon lining allows the skin to breathe and wicks away moisture to ensure long-term comfort.


The ankle foot gauntlet has been designed with a non-slip sole for stability, and to increase blood flow which may provide temporary pain relief from diabetic neuropathy, raynaud's disease and arthritic conditions in the foot and ankle.
Position the foot inside the sock section of the product; lock the wrap portion to the velcro attachment.


Product Number:  1301
Price: $48.70 / each
Sale Price: $32.95 / each

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