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AmeriGel Wound Dressing

Advanced Wound Care for your Medicine Cabinet

Until now, advanced wound care products were only available in nursing homes, wound care centers, hospitals or by prescription. All of this has changed with the introduction of AmeriGel® Wound Dressing. This first and only antimicrobial hydrogel has altered the way physicians and patients treat wounds ranging from diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, 1st and 2nd degree burns to post surgical incisions.

Enriched with Oakin™ and classified by the FDA as a hydrogel wound filler, AmeriGel® Wound Dressing was designed to provide a moist wound environment, prevent infections and clean wounds of unwanted debris, all of which, if not addressed, can slow the body's natural healing process.

3 Products in 1

1) Providing a Moist Wound Environment

Numerous research studies prove a moist wound environment is best for wounds to heal, much like the environment in your mouth. Most often the body will produce this moisture naturally, but in some instances your body will need help. AmeriGel® Wound Dressing's hydrogel formulation helps supply the moisture needed to assist the body in healing wounds. In addition, a moist wound environment will help reduce the appearance of scars by preventing the formation of a scab.

2) Prevent Infections

Infections are one of the leading causes of non-healing wounds today. If a wound is infected and not treated, the wound will remain open and potentially allow the infection to spread throughout the body. The Oakin™ in AmeriGel® Wound Dressing provides the antimicrobial properties to fight off and kill the most common infections found in wounds today. In fact, Oakin™ is proven to combat over 49 different bacteria, the leading cause of skin infections.

3) Removing Harmful Debris

Another leading cause of non-healing wounds is the collection of debris in the wound bed. Debris left in the wound can slow the healing process and even prevent wounds from closing. AmeriGel® Wound Dressing has a debriding agent to help remove unwanted particles or old non-healthy tissue, which is no longer essential to the wound healing process. Uniquely, AmeriGel® Wound Dressing will not harm any new healthy tissue; instead, it will assist in providing an environment to promote new tissue growth.

AmeriGel® Wound Dressing's 3-in-1 formulation provides protection you can trust and replaces outdated products currently found in your medicine cabinet. If you or a loved one is diabetic, detecting and treating a wound at the first sign of difficulty is crucial to preventing limb loss. Keeping AmeriGel® Wound Dressing in your medicine cabinet provides you with the security of knowing you have the latest in advanced wound care within your reach.

Contraindications: Do not use if there is a known allergy to Oak or Oak Pollen.

Product Number:  30140
Price: $22.50 / each
Sale Price: $19.95 / each

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