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Active Wrap Knee Hot/Cold Therapy

Patented design for targeted relief.

Treat all aspects of the leg. Great for all knee injuries, groin, hamstrings, quadriceps, I.T. Band  and more.


  • Each ActiveWrap system includes a comfortable medical plush compression wrap and 2 large Heat/Ice packs that can be assembled in any position within the wrap. Apply heat or cold without messy spills!
  • Unlike typical all–purpose ice packs, this Wrap is specifically designed and patented for the unique curvatures of the knee. While many ice packs freeze solid, ActiveWrap packs stay soft and flexible when cold so they mold comfortably in place.  
  • Versatile therapy when you need it...Ice or Heat On The Go!
  • Continuous no–mess cold or heat treatments are readily available by rotating the packs in and out of the wrap as needed.
  • ActiveWrap's hot/cold packs also provide interval contrast heat and cold treatments, which are effective in the post–acute phase of injury.
  • No coolers,no chemicals, and no rock hard freezing substitutes. Just comfort and quality at its finest!
  • Designed in conjunction with orthopedic physicians, physical therapists and backed by top coaches and athletes around the world. ActiveWrap is an exceptional aid in treating all knee injuries and pain. 
  • Latex Free and designed for versatility and freedom of movement.  

Use while keeping active...won't slip A perfect accessory for any running athlete.

Sizing:  Most individuals under 180 lbs will wear Small/Medium. Those over 180lbs will wear a Large/XL .

   If treating lower leg opt for smaller size.
   If treating larger thigh areas the Large/XL would be the best fit.

Measure 3" above top of the knee cap for proper size

Product Number:  601
Price: $49.95 / each
Sale Price: $39.95 / each

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