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Sammons Preston Rolyan / D-Ring Wrist Brace

We believe that this is one of the most comfortable and effective wrist braces made today.

This brace prevents painful and unwanted flexion or extension of the wrist, yet allows unobstructed motion of the fingers and thumb. Comfort and pain-relieving wrist support is ensured by this brace's construction, which thoughtfully includes the following innovations:
• Non-elastic construction does not restrict circulation.
• Its circumferential design holds the brace in position during application; thus, putting on the brace becomes hassle free.
• D-ring closures provide tension control so that you can adjust the amount of support that you need—almost custom-made!
• A double layer of cotton material under the closures cushions the D-ring straps; this ensures maximum comfort.
• You can remove or adjust the aluminum support bar for additional comfort.

 To determine your size: Measure the circumference of your wrist.

Product Number:  1404
Price: $47.00 / Each
Sale Price: $39.00 / Each

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