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Active Ankle: Active Ankle T1 "Trainer" Ankle Brace

A Drexel University study has shown that The Active Ankle T1 Hinged Ankle Brace provides 54% more stability than competitive products.

The T1, or “Trainer” model, of the Active Ankle Hinged Braces gets “High marks for comfort, support, and ankle stabilization!”

Active Ankle T1 Trainer - Neoprene, padding system, and a bilateral hinge provides unequaled ankle protection for chronic instability, or preventative use when increased activity levels are presented

The Features and Benefits of this Brace Include:

Neoprene pads provide:
 - intermittent compression to massage edema away during ambulation.
 - warmth for comfort and better healing.
 - “hug” every contour of the ankle, thus guaranteeing comfort.

Two straps and a bilateral hinge helps to provide unequaled ankle protection for:
 - chronic instability.
 - preventative use, when increased activity levels are needed during rehabilitation.

The sturdy medial and lateral fiberglass shell, along with its Neoprene Padding System, offers a sleeker, less bulky brace while still offering maximum performance and protection.

The fiberglass shell transfers some of the weight-bearing forces around the injury site up into the lower leg to help reduce pain.

Bilateral hinges allow unrestricted flexion of the ankle, while preventing painful and damaging inversion and eversion of the ankle.

Fits either the right or left foot and ankle.

Sizing is by footwear size:

Product Number:  1101
Price: $48.20 / each

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