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PPT Metatarsal Pads

Our medical grade shaped PPT, pre-cut metatarsal pads are very comfortable, flexible, and durable. Protects tender and painful calluses, bony prominences, and tender skin on the balls of the feet. Reduces friction and skin irritations.

What makes these pads so effective is the PPT Material that they are made from. PPT mimics the soft tissues of the foot, and is considered to be the best material available for cushioning, supporting, shock absorption, and friction reduction of the foot. These pads are resilient, long lasting, and very comfortable. Each pad is adhesive backed, and is easily applied to the innersole of all styles of footwear or orthotics.

Sold As:
1 metatarsal pad for either the right or left foot.. Available in three sizes: S,M,L

Order by shoe size:
  • Small: Womens 5-6
  • Medium: Mens 6-9, Womens 7-10
  • Large: Mens 10-14, Womens 11-12

Product Number:  385
Price: $4.60 / each

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