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Powerstep SlimTech ¾ Length. Support and sure fit in a broad range of footwear

SlimTech 3/4 length support provides the versatility of a 3/4-length insert (Orthotic) with a slimmer, thinner approach that fits most casual, slip-on, and dress footwear.

In independent research with over 150 product trials, SlimTech 3/4 length was proven to have advantages versus its leading competitor in:

Satisfaction with Flexibility, Length and Width


  • Versatile ¾-length support for a sure fit in a broad range of shoes.
  • SlimTech ¾ provides the versatility of ¾-length support with a slimmer, thinner approach that fits most casual, slip-on and dress shoes.
  • Like full-length, it features a prescription-like shell, stabilizing heel cradle and anti-bacterial Sanitiz topsheet. It also utilizes an exceptional breathable Hypercel cushion topcover.
  • Podiatrists recommended because of the high degree to which they prevent and relieve ankle, knee and back pain, and how comfortable the wearer is when standing for long periods.

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Product Number:  10001
Price: $29.95 / pair
Sale Price: $22.95 / pair

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