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Powerstep Full-Length Insoles: support and comfort from heel to toe

The Podiatrist's Prescription for Pain Relief!

Powerstep Full-Length features a prescription-like arch support encased in a unique double-layer cushioned insole (orthotic), plus a contoured stabilizing heel cup.

Provides effective relief for heel and arch pain.


  • Powerstep Full-Length features a prescription-like orthotic and arch support with a polypropylene shell encased in a unique double-layer cushioned insole.
  • The Powerstep insole also has a well-contoured stabilizing heel cradle and intrinsic neutral fore-foot and rear-foot posts.
  • Powerstep insoles have a special anti-bacterial Sanitiz fabric topsheet that reduces friction, heat and perspiration and prevents slippage.
  • Powerstep provides effective relief from heel and arch pain and other common conditions.
  • Powerstep insoles in full-Length is available in 10 sizes to ensure optimal fit.

Save on Powerstep Insoles (Orthotics & Inserts)...Buy Here! 

See our full line of Powerstep Insoles.

Product Number:  10000
Price: $32.95 / Pair
Sale Price: $22.95 / Pair

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