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Orthofeet Bilam Diabetic Orthotics For Men

ThermoFit customized orthotics are designed to provide the diabetic foot with ultimate protection, and, at the same time, facilitate the heat molding process. Anatomical Shape The orthotics are designed with a deep heel-seat and an anatomical arch support, constructed individually for each shoe size for precise support and ultimate comfort. Thermo-Formable Materials ThermoFit orthotics are made of three layers of thermo-formable EVA foam, which combine easy molding and excellent cushioning features: The upper layer is made of soft EVA foam, which molds like Plastazote, but is far more durable. The second layer is made of rubberized EVA foam, which provides excellent cushioning and extra protection. The bottom layer is made of 3/16" thermo-formable EVA foam, 60 shore A hardness, for long-lasting support. Beveled Flanges The flanges along the entire rearfoot are beveled by grinding, keeping the edges thin, and insuring perfect fit, even after the orthotic is heated. Already Cut To Size ThermoFit orthotics are available in every whole and half shoe size, eliminating the step of trimming.

Product Number:  10206
Price: $25.00 / Per Pair
Sale Price: $19.00 / Per Pair

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