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Knee: Single Patella Strap (with viscoelastic gel insert )

This is truly a unique strap, or brace, in that it employs a viscoelastic gel insert which comfortably applies pressure on the Patellar tendon, without restricting circulation.

Also, the "U-Point" gel insert will help to guide the patella and improve its tracking. This will help to straighten the pull of the Patellar tendon, and thus reduce inflammation and pain. This strap not only protects the Patellar tendon, but also aids in its proper function.

Most Patella Straps do not aid in straightening the pull of the Patellar tendon, but ours will; and this will give you added relief!

Angulated buckles enable the strap to stay in correct position for minimal migration.

Loop lock closures provide an adjustable fit. One size fits all. Fits right or left knee

Available Only in Tan/Beige Color.

Product Number:  1380
Price: $36.95 / Each
Sale Price: $30.00 / Each

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