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Silipos Protective Bunion Shieldō

This Bunion Shield is made from a comfortable, durable, elastic fabric which is lined with a proprietary soft polymer gel pad. This gel pad is impregnated with medical-grade mineral oil. The Protective Bunion Shield is designed to cushion and protect the painful bunion bone by absorbing pressure, friction and shear forces. Because this shield covers the entire big toe, it has the added benefit of protecting the big toe from shoe pressure, and acts as a buffer between it and the next toe. Held in place by a stretchable elastic band, the Protective Bunion Shield comfortably conforms to the bunion as it releases its medical-grade mineral oil to soften, moisturizes, and soothe the tender skin. It will help to provide you with comfort while wearing shoes, including most women's dress shoes. The protective bunion shield is durable, washable, and reusable. It is available in two sizes, and it is universal for right and left.

Price: $16.00

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