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Custom-made Sports Orthotics


During midstance, the ankle and heel are misaligned, and your foot has no arch.

At heel contact, orthoses limit the swing of your heel so your heel strikes the ground correctly.

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Since orthotics are medical devices, they are tax deductible — with a receipt from a board certified podiatrist, which we will provide. Our receipt will also contain information you can submit to your health insurance company (some policies will reimburse you for custom-made orthotics).


Our board certified podiatrist has successfully treated thousands of patients with custom-made orthotics since 1971.  

What are custom-made sports orthotics? Custom-made sports orthotics are medical devices that allow the feet and ankles to function without pain, and to protect them from the repetitive stress of sports activities; or from just normal walking. They are designed and made from molds of your feet, constructed with comfortable "space age" materials, under the supervision of a Board Certified podiatrist who has 30 years of experience treating athletes.

How do they work? Our feet have nearly 100 individual working parts. To be pain free and 100% efficient, these complex parts must exist in a specific relationship, one to the other. Unfortunately, we may be born with fallen arches, loose muscles, or biomechanical defects such as pronation (a rolling out of the foot); or we may develop heel spurs, bunions, or other defects which ruin the perfect relationship of one foot structure to the other.

When this happens we develop tired, aching feet and ankles, or pains in specific areas of our feet and ankles. Custom-made orthotics relieve foot and ankle fatigue and pain by supporting the individual components of the feet, and stabilizing the ankles. They allow the feet to function with 100% efficiency again.

Each sport applies intense and abnormal weight and stress to specific areas of the feet and ankles; these parts are not constructed to bear these abnormal forces. The result can be fatigue, pain, loss of efficiency, or all three. These orthotics will protect the stressed areas, and re-distribute the abnormal weight to the entire foot. This will increase efficiency, allowing you to be a better athlete; and reduce fatigue so you can participate in your sport for longer periods of time. But most important, by accommodating for internal foot abnormalities, redirecting weight and stress, and supporting and stabilizing the feet and ankles, your pain will disappear.

What are they made of? Depending on your sport, they are made of semi-rigid or semi-flexible "Space Age" thermoplastic materials, which are guaranteed to be comfortable; and, these orthotics will last for many years. These materials have a "memory," so that as you apply your weight to the foot there is a certain amount of "give." When your weight is removed from that foot, the orthotic returns to its original shape and height. This provides shock absorbency to the feet, ankles, knees, and lower back; and makes these orthotics extremely comfortable.

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