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Who will Benefit the most from Custom Orthotics?

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Custom-made orthotics can relieve many different kinds of foot pain including heel pain and plantar fasciitis; arch pain; pain caused by running, walking, and other athletics; pain related to diabetes; pain experienced by senior citizens; and many other kinds of foot pain related to bunions, trauma, sprains, and other disorders.

Heel pain sufferers

Heel spurs and plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the ligament on the bottom of the foot which attaches to the heel and maintains our arch) are the most common causes of heel pain. These problems usually occur in pronated feet (feet that roll inward, breaking down the inner sides of shoes). Pronation forces the heel to strike the ground abnormally, and places abnormal stress on the heel and plantar fascia which causes pain that will become progressively worse. Your pain may occur only when first standing, and then disappear; it may occur at irregular intervals; or it may be constant. In any case, be assured, it will become worse without custom-made orthotics. The custom-made orthotic is constructed to: allow the heel to strike the ground in the correct manner by eliminating pronation; cushion the heel; and support the arch. Custom-made orthotics are the first and most successful line of treatment podiatrists use for these problems. [Top]

Arch pain sufferers

The usual causes of arch pain are: flat feet; very high arches; prolonged standing, walking, and running; injury; and the natural aging process. By gently supporting the arch and accommodating for existing problems, custom-made orthotics accomplish three things:

  1. The pain disappears.
  2. The arch will drop no further, thus preventing further foot problems from developing.
  3. The effects of aging on the feet are slowed, preventing other problems such as arthritic foot pain and fatigue due to walking, as well as preventing bunions and hammer toes from becoming worse. [Top]

Pain caused by running, walking, and other athletics

It is no coincidence that many profesional athletes use custom-made orthotics. Custom-made orthotics keep the foot in its most efficient alignment, allowing the bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments to work at 100% efficiency. They also protect the heel, arch, and forefoot from the unnatural and increased stress that prolonged running and sports activity produce. Whether it is to prevent problems, relieve pain, or increase efficiency, all runners and other athletes will benefit from custom-made orthotics. [Top]

Pain related to Diabetes

Due to a thining of the protective fatty pad on the bottom of the foot, circulatory problems, and decreased feeling (neuropathy), diabetics encounter more severe foot problems than non-diabetics. Pressure sores, chronic painful areas, and ulcers are best treated with supportive custom-made orthotics featuring modern materials that can eliminate pain, shield and protect painful areas, and decrease the chance of ulcerations occurring. Podiatrists and diabetic specialists use custom-made orthotics to help reduce the increasing number of lower extremity amputations which occur each year by preventing simple problems from becoming more serious. [Top]

Pain experienced by senior citizens

The aging process affects the feet and ankles just as it affects every other part of the body. The muscles, tendons, and ligaments become loose and weaker; bones lose calcium reducing their strength; and the fatty pads on the bottoms of our feet, which protect and cushion the bones, become thinner and can nearly disappear. Custom-made orthotics will gently support the bones of the feet; special materials used can mimic the foot's natural fatty pad and eliminate the pain of protruding bones and bone spurs. Custom-made orthotics will also support the arch and keep it from falling, thus preventing other problems and pains. And they can keep the foot from turning and twisting while walking, making each step secure and pain-free. [Top]

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