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Duplicating Your Orthotics 

Duplicating Your Orthotics
Our board certified podiatrist has successfully treated
thousands of patients with custom-made orthotics since 1971.

If your orthotics are wearing out or you just want another pair (regardless of who made them), we can help!

When you want to replace your current orthotics with a duplicate pair….just like the ones you now own…we can do it for you! Using the same, or more up to date materials, our team will duplicate your orthotics at a fraction of the cost you originally paid.

Duplication Services We Offer:
  1. Duplicate your present orthotics.
  2. Duplicate your orthotic corrections and make orthotics that will fit in shoes that your present orthotics do not fit in. Typically, orthotics made through a doctor's office will not fit in: Dress shoes; Dance shoes; Cleats for track, soccer, baseball, football, and lacrosse; Skates and ski boots.

Who Will Make My Orthotics?

Since 1971, our board-certified podiatrists have successfully duplicated thousands of pairs of orthotics made by other orthotic labs.  Our Medical Directors are Board Certified in Foot Surgery and Primary Podiatric Medicine, and are Fellows of the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons.

Every pair of orthotics, sports orthotics, and dress shoe orthotics we sell is custom-designed by our Board Certified Podiatrists and hand-crafted by a team of experienced lab technicians. No other Web site involves a Board Certified Podiatrist in every stage of the process — nor do they offer you direct access to the doctor by e-mail — like we do.

How Will You Duplicate My Orthotics?

Your orthotics will be custom-made for you — for your feet, to care for the pain and underlying disorder(s) from which you suffer. We begin by sending you a foam impression kit, which allows you to make accurate molds of your feet—easily and cleanly—in a matter of minutes from the comfort of your own home. Your foam impression kit will also include a self-examination form that allows you to describe your condition(s) and the pain you suffer from. Based on your molds, the information you supply on the self-examination form, and pictures of your orthotics — combined with the more than 30 years of experience we have in making custom-made orthotics — our Board Certified Podiatrists will duplicate your orthotics. Click here to learn more about how our Custom-Made Orthotics are custom-fit. Once you make your molds, just send them back to us. 

Once you purchase your foam impression kit, you become a lifetime "member" of our Web site for no additional charge. Membership gives you direct access to our doctors; any questions you may have for them will be answered on a "priority" basis. If you feel you need to supply the doctor with additional information — while you are making your molds, after you have returned your impression kit, or after you have received your custom-made orthotics — you will have direct contact information for our doctors.

Every pair of orthotics is made using the highest quality materials and standards. Without the added overhead of an office visit (which is the bulk of a podiatrist's charge), we are able to sell our orthotics for less than half of what you'd pay in a doctor's office — the exact same custom-made orthotics your local doctor will provide for $450 to $700.

We assure you that you will be satisfied with your custom-made orthotics, just as are thousands of others in every U.S. state and more than 30 other countries around the world. We invite you to click here to read just a few of the responses we've received from thousands of satisfied OurFootDoctor.com customers. We hope to have an opportunity to serve you soon!
How Do I Get Started? 

It's easy!  Here are the steps:
  1. Order a foam impression kit from this Website: click here
  2. When you receive the impression kit, follow our easy instructions and make impressions of both feet.  Also complete the enclosed self-examination form.  Include a description of your orthotics.  Tell us whether they are soft or hard, full length or shorter, etc…the more information you provide the better.
  3. So that we can most accurately model your new orthotics after your present ones, if at all possible please send us your present orthotics. We will ship them back to you with the new orthotics we make for you.  Please pack them separately; do not place them inside the foam impression kit.  Sending us your present orthotics will allow us to duplicate them most accurately.  However, if you are not able to send us your existing orthotics, then you may send us pictures of them instead.  Please send pictures, as demonstrated below, of: the tops, the bottoms, and both sides of your orthotics, as well as a picture of your orthotics from behind the heel, looking forward.

Pictures Needed to Duplicate Your Orthotics
(These pictures are only necessary if you are not able to send us your present orthotics)

What Happens Next?

Once we receive the impression kit back from you, one of our doctors will personally review your kit, examination form, and orthotic pictures. Within days, genuine custom-made orthotics designed to relieve your unique foot problems — will be made for you under the supervision of our foot doctor and rushed to you Priority Mail.  It's that easy!  Click here to order.


Our special impression kit includes easy instructions, a self-examination form designed by our board-certified podiatrists, and a self-mailing carton.

Cost-Saving Tip:
Since orthotics are medical devices, they are tax deductible — but only with a receipt from a board certified podiatrist, which we will provide. Our receipt will also contain information you can submit to your health insurance company (some policies will reimburse you for custom-made orthotics)…or, you may be able to apply the cost to a Flex-Spending Medical Plan.
Our Custom-Made Duplicate Orthotics are custom-made for YOUR feet, providing full orthotic support. Having custom orthotics made for you has never been so simple! To help you take the first step toward enjoying orthotic therapy in a variety of shoes, we will send you a special foam impression kit. Our kit includes easy instructions and allows you to take impressions of both your feet quickly and cleanly. Also included is a self-mailing carton to return your impressions to us.

Simply push your feet into the impression material and hold still for approximately 10 seconds. Then complete the self-examination form designed by our board-certified podiatrists. Take the pictures of your orthotics we suggest. One of our doctors will personally review each and every kit, examination form, and orthotic pictures returned to us. Should the doctor have any questions, he will personally call or e-mail you.  Within days, genuine custom-made orthotics designed to relieve your unique foot problems — will be made for you under the supervision of our foot doctor and rushed to you Priority Mail.
A set of custom-made orthotics, designed under the supervision of Dr. Kasdan, is just $189.90. A foam impression kit will be shipped to you for $44.95. That amount will apply directly toward the purchase of your custom-made orthotics. When you return your impression kit along with your self-examination form, you'll be asked to pay the remaining $144.95 with a check or credit card.

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